“Walk-in style” meaning we tattoo everything, and we tattoo it well.

From same day small tattoos, to large scale multiple sitting pieces.

We believe in good quality work at reasonable prices. Simple.


Nicholas Lee Monday-Tuesday-wednesday-Saturday

Owner of TCT, and criminal extraordinaire, Nicholas Lee prefers to tattoo in a soft black and grey style, however he does all styles well upon request.


Nelbo Mon,wed,thurs,Sat,Sun

Nelbo’s work speak for itself. He does walk ins Mon,Wed, Thur, and Saturday. He always had flash on deck and has a large assortment of incredible original designs.


Morgan Tues-Wed-Thurs-fri-sat

Although we technically call Morgan an Aprentice, he has been tattooing for a couple of years. If you look at his work it speaks for itself. He prefers to tattoo in a bold American Traditional style, however as with everyone we make sure he is proficient in all stylers.


Hyesu fridays-Sundays

Hyesu works Fridays and Sundays doing all types of walk ins. She can put a spin on any idea that you have and turn it into an incredible tattoo. Although she can straight up tattoo ANYTHING, when you pick flash from her it tends to be bold, clean and strong. generally leaving the client in a sense of awe. Feel free to schedule an appointment with her .



Nat works Tuesdays doing walk ins. you can also feel free to schedule an appointment on other days with her. She prefers a linear style, and her tattoos tend to be delicate and clean.